The Church at the Crossing

Wednesday Nights at the Crossing

Our Wednesday Nights at the Crossing Classes start on August 25th! It includes a food court from 5:45 6:45 pm every Wednesday night for your convenience and enjoyment. All classes begin at 6:45.

Dinner with the Family
Hungry? Rushed? We serve a delicious and inexpensive dinner on Wednesday evenings from 5:45 - 6:45 in the Gathering Place. Come and connect with others in our church family over a great meal. The cost is $4 for adults, $2 for children 3-11. Children 2 and under eat free of charge. (Meals begin January 14 and go through March.)
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Wednesday Kid's Classes

Childcare - birth through age two
Time:6:30-7:00 p.m.
Worship Arts Choir (1st - 4th grade)
Friends Room (children 1st - 4th, not wishing to participate in choir)
Time:6:45-8:15 p.m.

Discovery Zone Jr.
Preschoolers will discover God's love and plan through Godly Play, music and play.
103  Three's
104  Four's
105  Five's & Kindergartners
Time: 7:00-8:15 p.m.

Discovery Zone
Children will explore interest groups which change approximately every six weeks. Emphasis during large group time will be on Christian character development. Children end the evening in their small care groups.

Club 56 (for Grades 5 and 6)
Location: In the Gym Loft
Time: 6:45 8:15 pm

Wednesday Student/Youth Activities

Junior High
Location: Youth Center
Time: 6:45 8:15 pm
A time for fun, friendship building, and seeking God's truth for our lives. For students in grades 7 and 8.

Senior High Worship Band Rehearsal
Location: Youth Center
Time: 7:15 - 8:15 pm

Wednesday Adult Classes

Around the World in 13 Weeks: A Travel Log Coordinated by Donna Thomas
August 25 - November 17
Location: Room 130
Instructor: Various Experts
Time: 6:45 pm
A thirteen-week cultural extravaganza and travel log! Speakers will share what God is going in a different country each week.

Biblical Blueprint for Marriage
Location: Room 131-132
Time: 6:45 pm
This class is open to single adults, engaged couples, married couples and previously married persons. Discover God's intentions for what marriage could and should be in an honest, open, humorous, and grace-filled place. Come by yourself, with a friend, or even with your spouse as together we explore the Biblical blueprint for marriage.

Leadership Training: 40 Days of Purpose
October 27 - November 17
Location: Room 135
Time: 6:45 pm
This class is for those who have agreed to be hosts or hostesses in the upcoming "40 Days of Purpose" small groups initiative.

Women's Bible Study: Sermon on the Mount
August 25 - November 17
Location: Room 137
This 11-week Precept Class is a more in-depth study (with some homework involved). Discussions will be led by Laura McCollum, followed by video by Kay Arthur.

Stephen Ministry Training
August 25 - January 19
Location: Room 134
Instructor: Monica Nyby and Stephen Ministry Leaders
Time: 6:45 pm
Those who have made the spiritual commitment to be a Stephen Minister will be trained. Registration and serious commitment is required. For more information about the Stephen Ministry, contact Pastor Jim Cook

Bible Study - First Corinthians
Location: Room 133
Instructor: Gordon Rose
Time: 6:45 pm
This study is open to all adults who hunger to study the Word. The church in Corinth is a church with many problems but the author, Paul, gives us insight into current issues, as well.

Location: Room 136
Instructor: Josie Barker and Tim Hartman
Time: 6:45 pm
A special help support group for persons going through separation or divorce. Workbook is $15. Register by calling the church office

Worship Arts
Voices of the Crossing (Adult choir)
Time: 6:45 pm

Praise Band and Worship Team
Location: Sanctuary